The Hannahville Indian School was established in 1976 to address the special academic needs of Potawatomi students while teaching them about their history and culture. It began as a K-8 single classroom and moved into a double-wide trailer after several years. In 1995 the Nah Tah Wahsh Public School Academy (PSA) came into existence as a Michigan Charter School allowing us to serve native and non-native students. Our teaching and administrative staff are all highly qualified and state certified.

Today, Nah Tah Wahsh (Soaring Eagle) PSA serves approximately 200 students in grades K-12 and another 100 in our birth through age 5 program. We are fortunate to have small class sizes, allowing us to highly individualize instruction. The current campus has a modern cafeteria, library, gym, weight room, an elementary wing, a high school wing, an industrial arts wing, culture department, child care center, early head start, head start, early childhood interventions, state-of-the-art playground, mobile Chromebook stations for each classroom, youth lounge, dance studio, soccer field and a commercial scale aquaponics facility.

We also have a Family and Child Education program (FACE) which has received national recognition as a model program and is a valuable asset to the community, encouraging more participation in adult education and college programs by young parents. FACE is designed as a family literacy program with the mission of helping parents be the best, first teachers of their children. We also offer an Adult Education program for parents of FACE Center Based program attendees, who are in need of achieving a General Education Diploma (GED).

Our youth center was opened in 2005 and is directly attached to our cafeteria and gymnasium. It is the hub of after school, weekend and summer activities. The youth center houses our Youth Services Department which includes a youth employment / training program and a 21st Century Learning Center Program. The youth center is open 7 days per week and only closes on major holidays, providing a host of academic and recreational activities for youth and their families. Youth have access to the gymnasium, weight room, student lounge, dance studio and cafeteria. Staff provide after school tutoring and other enrichment activities. For youth utilizing the after school services, transportation home is provided at 5 p.m. by school buses.