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Why Us

Individualized Instruction

Because our class sizes are intentionally kept small, our students are able to receive more individualized instruction in comparison to other larger school districts.

Newly Renovated Building and Grounds

School building renovated in 2019, State-of-the-Art playground installed in 2022 by Playground Structures Incorporated.

Culturally Focused

Nah Tah Wahsh PSA and Hannahville Indian School is the first and only Potawatomi Culture and Language school, of its unique nature, in the World. We are proud to teach Potawatomi as a World Language to all ages, birth -12th grade, on a daily basis.

New K-12 Music and Art Programs

Beginning in 2021, our Music and Art programs have grown to include Elementary Music, MS and HS Band and Music Appreciation . Art offerings include a weekly Art Club and activities showcasing artwork by talented NTW Students!


Student of the Month

A masterful worker and a kind soul, this week's outstanding student's intelligence and strong work ethic are second to none! When Alextin isn't chilling out with buddies, she stays laser focused on her academic path. While still navigating her future, we congratulate this Student of the Week!!

- Alextin Thorbahn

Staff Spotlight

Our Staff Spotlight goes to our newest staff member Angel Arteaga. Angel is excited to actively participate in her community at the school level and has joined our NTW and HIS staff in the main school office as our Receptionist! Congratulations, Angel! Welcome to the NTW Family!!

- Mrs. Angel Arteaga

Student Spotlight

The Edgar Martinez of NTW Senior High - this Junior is enjoying his nomination for this week's outstanding student. An absolute joy to have in class, he has progressed through the years to realize his full potential as a serious student, future success story and Daily Press Student of the Week!!

- Frank Medlin