Transparency Reporting

COVID-19 Transparency Reporting

2021-2022 School Year:

2021-22 Annual Education Report (AER)

COVID-19 Reporting 21-22 School Year

2021-2022 NTW Goal Statement

Mid-Year Academic Goal Report 2021-22 Nah Tah Wahsh PSA

2022.2.7 Covid 19 Policy Update

2020-2021 School Year:

October 2020 Reconfirmation Meeting Documentation

November 2020 Reconfirmation Meeting Documentation

December 2020 Reconfirmation Meeting Documentation

January 2021 Reconfirmation Meeting Documentation

February 2021 Reconfirmation Meeting Documentation

March 2021 Reconfirmation Meeting Documentation

April 2021 Reconfirmation Meeting Documentation

May/June 2021 Reconfirmation Meeting Documentation

Extended Learning Plan Approved 9-29-2020

COVID-19 Positive Cases Google Sheet

Extended COVID-19 Learning Training Report

COVID-19 Extended Learning Mid-Year Goal Report

COVID-19 Extended Learning End of Year Goal Report

Budget & Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting

2021-2022 Board Approved Budget

2020-2021 Board Approved Budget

2019-2020 Board Approved Budget

2018-2019 Board Approved Budget

2017-2018 Board Approved Budget

2016-2017 Board Approved Budget

2020-2021 Personnel Expenditures

2019-2020 Personnel Expenditures

2017-2018 Personnel Expenditures

2016-2017 Personnel Expenditures

2020-2021 Operating Expenditures

2019-2020 Operating Expenditures

2017-2018 Operating Expenditures

2016-2017 Operating Expenditures

Current Bargaining Agreements

2020-2021 Audited Financial Statements

2019-2020 Audited Financial Statements

2017-2018 Audited Financial Statements

2016-2017 Audited Financial Statements

2015-2016 Audited Financial Statements

Health Benefit Bids

2021 Employee Compensation Information

2020-2021 Employee Compensation

2019-2020 Employee Compensation

2017-2018 Employee Compensation

2016-2017 Employee Compensation

2020-2021 District Paid Association Dues

2019-2020 District Paid Association Dues

2017-2018 District Paid Association Dues

2016-2017 District Paid Association Dues

2020-2021 District Paid Lobbying Costs

2019-2020 District Paid Lobbying Costs

2017-2018 District Paid Lobbying Costs

2016-2017 District Paid Lobbying Costs

District Credit Card Information

2020-2021 District Paid Out of State Travel Information

2019-2020 District Paid Out of State Travel Information

2017-2018 District Paid Out of State Travel Information

2016-2017 District Paid Out of State Travel Information

Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

Procurement Policy

Expense Reimbursement Policies

2020-2021 Statement of Reimbursed Expenses

2019-2020 Statement of Reimbursed Expenses

2017-2018 Statement of Reimbursed Expenses

2016-2017 Statement of Reimbursed Expenses

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans for 2020-2021:

Medical,  Dental,  Vision,  Prescription

Observation/Evaluation Tools:

Teacher Evaluation Postings and Assurances

MASA School Advance Administrator Evaluation Assurance Document

MASB Superintendent Evaluation Posting Requirements

Budget and Salary Reporting