About Our School

schoolsignHannahville Indian School was established in 1976 to address the special academic needs of Potawatomi students while teaching them about their history and culture. It began as a K-8 single classroom and moved into a double-wide trailer after several years.

Today, Nah Tah Wahsh (Soaring Eagle) School is a charter school that serves students in K-12. The new school has a cafeteria. library and gym, an elementary wing, a high school wing, and an industrial arts wing. Two additional wings were later added to enable the community to house all educational programs in one building, including adult education, preschool and a child care facility.

The child care center and FACE Program have been valuable assets to the community, encouraging more participation in adult education and college programs by young parents. The child care center also provides much needed child care for employees of the community. Future plans for additions to the school include a swimming pool.

Our youth center was opened in 2005. It is attached to our cafeteria and houses a classroom, a recreation room, and a dance studio. Students also have access to the gymnasium and weight room. The youth center is opened after school and offers many different types of supervised activities.

In addition to the children of community members, the State of Michigan Charter Public School Academy status, which began in 1995, is drawing non-Native Americans who are dissatisfied with local public schools.