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Arts and Crafting

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Birch Bark Canoes - A short history

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)NativeTech

Original articles focusing on the Eastern Woodlands providing historical and contemporary background, technical instruction and references.

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Books and Literature

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Anishnabe Literature

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)A Critical Bibliography of North American Indians, for K-12 (Smithsonian Institute)

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Ottawa and Potawatomi Literature

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Potawatomi Fables Bookstore

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Stories of the Potawatomi People, Gary E. Mitchell

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Story Tellers, Native American Authors Online

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Texts by and About Native Americans, University of Virginia Electronic Text Center

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Clothing and Regalia

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Native Tech - Leather and Clothes

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Colleges and Universities

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Bay Mills Community College

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)College of the Menominee Nation

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Haskell Indian University

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Documents and Publications

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)  American Indians: A Select Catalog of NARA Microfilm Publications

  Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs

Haverford College Library Special Collections, Haverford, PA
Ms. Coll. 1003 (8 boxes). The Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs originated in 1869 in answer to President Grant's Peace Policy, officially giving management of the Indians in the Central Superintendency (Kansas and the Indian Territory) to the Orthodox branch of the Society of Friends. These are primarily letters, reports and some miscellaneous manuscripts chiefly addressed to the chairman of the committee, Edward M. Wistar; articles, plans, maps and statistics related to the committee's work. Most of the material deals with the work of Friends in running mission stations in Oklahoma among the Iowa, Modoc, Kickapoo, Oto, Shawnee, Osage and other Indians.

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Enoch Hoag Indian Papers, 1865-1883

Haverford College Library Special Collections, Haverford, PA
Ms.Coll. 1034 (3 boxes). Enoch Hoag (1812-1884) was appointed Superintendent of the Central Superintendency in 1869 by President Grant under Grant's "Peace Policy". Tribes under care of Orthodox Friends by whom Hoag was appointed included the Kickapoo, Shawnee, Potawatomi, Kansas, Osage, Quapaw, Sac and Fox, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Wichita, Kiowa, Comanche and Apache. Almost all of this collection concerns the finances of the Central Superintendency and the settling of various accounts with Washington, D.C. The papers also touch on the work of Indian agents, the transportation of tribes to the reserves, the progress and politics of getting Indian legislation through Congress, and troubles at various Indian Agencies.

  Enoch Hoag Letterbooks, 1870-1878

Haverford College Library Special Collections, Haverford, PA
Ms. Coll. 1104 (16 volumes). These are letterpress books in which copies of letters are made by placing the original letter on a dampened tissue-like leaf of the book, the book is then placed in a press and the pressure transfers the image of the letter to the letterpress page. Because of the nature of the process, there is a great deal of variation as to the readability of individual letters.Content of this collection includes: letters to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs in Washington, letters to the Indian Agents under the jurisdiction of Hoag, and letters characterized as "Individual letters.

  Indian Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1745-1983

Haverford College Library Special Collections, Haverford, PA
42 linear ft. Records of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee include minutes, financial papers, account books, correspondence, addresses, speeches, reports, journals, scrapbooks, legal, land and legislative related papers, maps, lists, transcripts, published items, photographs, film, video and other papers. Includes five volumes of papers, 1745-1792, of "The Friendly Association for Regaining and Preserving Peace with the Indians by Pacific Measures."

  Jonathan Richards Papers, 1870-1881

Haverford College Library Special Collections, Haverford, PA
Ms. Coll. 964 (1 box). Letters, invoices, vouchers, account book and other financial records related to his work as Agent at Wichita, Kansas from 1870-1876. Material deals primarily with Richards's attempts to settle government claims against him regarding a disputed balance of over $23,000.

  John B. Garret Papers, 1853-1961

Haverford College Library Special Collections, Haverford, PA
Ms. Coll. 903 (2 boxes). John B. Garrett (1836-1924) was an original member of the Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs. Topics discussed include appointment of agents, missionary work, Indian education and citizenship, use of military force, annuity goods, opening of Indian Territory to settlement by whites, etc. Includes minutes of the committee for 1871; letter of Garrett to his family telling of visit to Fort Smith, Arkansas as part of the Grand Indian Council in 1865, also 17 photographs of Indians present at the Council and printed reports of the meetings.

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Treaties and Claimed Lands in the Great Lakes region, both U.S. and Canadian tribes. Zoltan Grossman, cartographer.

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Turtle.gif (429 bytes)P

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Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Native American Education: Documents from the 19th Century

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Office of Indian Education Programs

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Ethnobotany Sites

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Ethnobotany Query, Agricultural Research Service

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Native American Ethnobotany Database

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)NativeTech Plants and Trees

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Foods and Medicines - See also Ethnobotany

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Sugar Bush, Native Tech

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Games and Toys

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)NativeTech: Games and Toys

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Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Clans of the Oneida Nation

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Native American Research in Michigan

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Native Genealogy - People of the Three Fires

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History Sites

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)A Brief History of the Oneida Indian Nation (Iroquois)

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)American Memory Collections

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Compact Histories, Menominee - First Nations

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Compact Histories, Ojibwe - First Nations

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Compact Histories, Ottawa - First Nations

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Compact Histories, Potawatomi - First Nations

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Great Lakes Project - Geographic Location of Potawatomi Bands: 1795-1846

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Great Lakes Project - Historical Prospective: Pre-1760 Period

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Great Lakes Project - Historical Prospective: 1760-1795,British Period in the NW

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Great Lakes Project - Historical Prospective: The Period of American Domination

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)History of the Ojibway People - Turtle Island Productions

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)History of Spearing and Netting in Wisconsin (Chippewa)

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Native Web

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)The Native American Navigator, Learning Technologies of Teachers College, Columbia University

An interface for geographical, historical, topical and keyword-based student inquiry on topics related to Native American history and culture in the United States. Clickable maps, an extensive timeline, a web of topics pages and a site & network-wide search page make the four corners of the Navigator's Medicine Wheel.

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Potawatomi Trail of Death, Potawatomi Web

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Woodland People, Indiana Historical Bureau

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Jesuit Relations

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents - 1610 to 1791

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Languages - see also Tribal-Related Sites

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)The People's Paths - First People's Language Resources

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Wisconsin Native American Language Project Manuscript Collection

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Legends and Stories

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Ojibway Legend: Winabojo and the Birch Tree

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Turtle.gif (429 bytes)A Critical Bibliography on North American Indians for Grades K-12, Smithsonian Institute Anthropology Outreach Program.

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Clark Historical Library, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Fulton County Historical Society, Inc., Rochester, Indiana

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Institute of Museum and Library Services, Washington, DC

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institute, New York City

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)The Native American Gallery at Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Public Museum of Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Great Lakes Project: Geographic Location of the Potawatomi Bands (1795-1846)

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Michigan Map of Federally Recognized Tribes

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Wisconsin Map of Federally Recognized Tribes

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Woodland/Algonquian Tribes Before 1500

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)The Trail of Death (Potawatomi)

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Turtle.gif (429 bytes)The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents - 1610 to 1791

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Native American K-12 Schools - Great Lakes Region

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Fond du Lac Ojibwe School

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Lac du Flambeau Public School

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Nah Tah Wahsh School

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Pow Wow Information

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Gathering of Nations

The Gathering of Nations is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1983 to promote Native American Indian culture & tradition, and dispel stereotypes created about Native people.

In this spirit, our web site features Internet Radio - ALL Native Music 24x7, Over 2,000 Native American Indian Photographs and Pictures, Educational Articles and Native Reading, National Native News, Free Screensavers & Free Wallpaper, Native American Events and Powwows Calendar, Free Games, Free Music, Native American Art & Crafts & more.

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Pow Wow Information

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Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Potawatomi Treaties

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Tribal-Related Sites

Chippewa (See Ojibwe)




Turtle.gif (429 bytes)The Chippewa Tribe, Wisconsin

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Forest County Potawatomi

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Lac Du Flambeau Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Keweenaw Bay Indian Community

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Sault Tribe of the Chippewa



Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Citizen Band Potawatomi

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)The Potawatomi Tribe of Oklahoma

Turtle.gif (429 bytes)Potawtomi Web - Prairie Band History, Culture and Language

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